It is common knowledge that we need to exercise to maintain a healthily lifestyle. Government guidelines recommend that you do at atleast 30 minutes moderate exercise at least 5 days per week.

Some benefits to regular exercise include reduction in the risk of heart disease, strokes, osteoporosis, obesity and diabetes. Additional benefits are a reduction in stress, anxiety and mild depression.

Exercise can also improve self esteem and help strengthen your immune system.

Rehabilitation and Corrective Exercise

Injury and weakness can be corrected by using movement assessments to diagnose muscle imbalance. Exercises are then provided and a plan written to assist you in regaining strength, flexibility and mobility.

Seated Exercise

Exercise Stimulates energy production which can be an issue if our movement is limited. Seated exercise is particularly suited to anyone with limited movement.

Personal Training

Personal training is an effective way of training that will meet your needs, body type and lifestyle.  A trainer can motivate you, guide you and push you to reach your desired goals by having an understanding of exercise science, kinesiology and exercise physiology. Every session will be designed specifically for you, your needs and abilities.